Pointer, PP, Vest

Monday 18 May 2015

My journey to Peakville is largely a wet one.

The rain has stopped by the time I pass through Wellvale.
At about 14:35, Mrs CM’s car has parked nose uphill by the upper part of the school-house garden. Mrs Mustard’s car is at the kerb alongside the Old Man’s front side lawn.I go out to my car, which is on the Old Man’s driveway, and see that there is no-one in Mrs Mustard’s car.
Mrs Pointer’s car is parked alongside number 35, just over half-way onto the pavement.
The sun comes out at 14:43.
Mrs Vest’s car descends Acacia Grove and parks to this side of Mrs Pointer’s car. When Mrs Vest and Rufus are on the pavement to the nearside of their car, I see that Mrs Vest is wearing a hip-length black jacket, deep-blue denims, and lightweight black boots that extend two or three inches above her ankles. Rufus is wearing an anorak of a very dark grey, and trousers of a very light grey. With his left hand he is holding a fluttering sheet of white A4 paper, in portrait format.
The Vests set off for the school, with Rufus’s right hand in his mother’s left hand.
When they cross the street towards the Efords’ driveway, the paper in Rufus’ hand is still fluttering. I now notice that he has recently had his hair cut.
Mrs PP is walking downslope past the school precinct. She is wearing her quilted black jacket, and under it a light-coloured skirt whose hem reaches to only a few inches below the hem of the jacket. Her dark leggings fit snugly. Inboard of her is Miss PP, wearing a red anorak; her backpack is pink. Mrs PP and her daughter pause for some unclear reason, then set off again at a half-trot — Mrs PP’s feet turn outwards as she goes.
Mrs Vest’s car has a 1.8 litre engine, according to a badge on the tailgate.
At a couple of minutes past 15:00, Mr Lurch and his son are ascending from the school. Master Lurch’s left hand is held in his father’s right hand. They walk on past Vinnie’s house.
Mrs Pointer and her children have just reached the nearside of their car. Miss Pointer seems reluctant about something — perhaps about getting in via the nrd. Possibly she then tugs at the handle of the locked nrd, facing it. Then she places herself with her back to the nrd, as though blocking access to it. Eventually she gets in. Master Pointer seems unbothered by it all, but I hear Mrs Pointer’s voice — she is in front right-hand profile, bent forward a little towards her daughter.
Not long after 15:05, Mrs Pointer’s car departs. At George Street it turns right.

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