Young lady, don’t walk backwards!

Tuesday 19 May 2015

During the afternoon school-run, the time is approaching 15:15. Mrs Wobbly is ascending past the school precinct, with Mrs Mustard inboard of her. They are chatting, so clearly they are still on good terms.
Master Mustard is in the push-chair, reclining at an angle with his head to the left side of the push-chair and his feet to the right. Miss Mustard is wearing a sleeveless pale-yellow uniform dress, without a cardigan. She is walking backwards, just ahead of and just in front of the nearside front corner of the push-chair.
The Wobblys part company with the Mustards when they reach their car, which is parked by the lowest part of the school-house garden.
When the Mustards are alongside the upper part of the school-house garden, Miss Mustard veers off very briefly into the grass, though she doesn’t encroach more than a couple of foot. Then she returns, and again walks ahead of the push-chair.
Mrs Mustard is wearing her shades, and her dark-brown suede-look coat or jacket with the black fur collar. She looks wan; perhaps she is unwell, or has been unwell.
The Mustards walk past Vinnie’s house. Another mother and daughter are accompanying them, and there is some interaction between Miss Mustard (who is inboard of Mrs Mustard) and the other girl. The Mustards continue past number 6 — the other family is no longer with them — then cross the street diagonally. Either their car is parked somewhere out-of-view, or they have not come by car.

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