Master Mustard makes a mess

Wednesday 20 May 2015

It has been quite a cool night for this time of year, and there is a breeze when I go out to the car at about 07:15.
When Mrs Wheeler returns to her car after taking the children into school, she already looks tired. The car is parked alongside number 35. Mrs Wheeler is perhaps in her early forties.
Mrs Vest parks alongside the junction-box. When Rufus has got out via the nrd, he stands on the pavement by the nearside of the car’s bonnet, and gestures diagonally uphill towards the far pavement — no doubt at a schoolmate. He is also pulling faces a bit.
Mr Tanbrit walks past Vinnie’s driveway, holding Thomas’s left hand in his own right hand. Tessa is walking behind them. Thomas, who is wearing his usual red anorak, is having to run to keep pace with his father. When the Tanbrits are crossing the street, towards the Efords’ driveway, Mr Tanbrit is holding Tessa’s right hand as well as Thomas’s left hand. Tessa is having to half-run.
Mrs CM returns to her car, which is parked nose downhill alongside the Trimots’ house and the house adjoining.

In the late-morning school-run, the Peppers’ Escargot arrives from the direction of Cypress Crescent, and parks alongside number 35. Belle gets out via the driver’s door, and goes round the tail of the car to the nrd. She opens the nrd and takes out a little bunch of flowers in a white paper cone. When Belle has crossed the street, she encounters first a boy who is outboard of Mrs CM, and then Mrs CM herself. (Mrs CM’s car is parked by the school-house path, uphill of Mrs Wobbly’s car. Mrs CM has let the boy out of her car via the ord.) The three of them continue, from just beyond the nose of Mrs Wobbly’s car, towards the school.
Towards 11:23, I see probably the same boy walking upslope between the lower entrance and the middle entrance of the school. Blanche is running joyfully upslope after him, close to the wall of the school. She is wearing her usual anorak, unfastened. When I next look, Belle is alongside the boy, outboard of him. Blanche is now further uphill; Belle looks in her direction, as though to let Blanche know not to get any further ahead.
Belle reaches the Efords’ driveway with Blanche and the boy. She gives a rather twinkly wave towards Mrs PP’s car, which is ascending past her. As she prepares to cross the street, Belle puts on her characteristic moue — it is not clear why. Blanche now has a serious expression on her face. She is at Belle’s right, the boy is at Belle’s left. Belle is holding Blanche’s hand, but probably not the boy’s hand.
The boy gets into Belle’s car via the fpd. Belle lifts Blanche into the car via the nrd. Then she opens the tailgate, and takes a little drink-carton out of a TeraGroce carrier-bag — there are a few such bags, apparently containing some shopping, in the load-area. She goes to the nrd, which is still open; first she leans in, then she climbs in and seems to be kneeling on the rear bench seat. Presumably she is giving the carton to Blanche.

Towards the end of the afternoon school-run Mrs Mustard, with Miss Mustard inboard of her and Master Mustard in the push-chair, is ascending past the upper part of the school-house garden. The time is approaching 15:25. Mrs Mustard looks no more tired than before, but still is pale. Each of the children is eating a vanilla ice-cream cone held with the right hand. Miss Mustard is licking and sucking; Master Mustard, leaning back in the push-chair, shoves the cone towards his mouth a couple of times. He’s not doing badly for a child of his age, but he is making a mess all round his mouth. Mrs Mustard does not have an ice-cream.
They cross the street, from the Efords’ driveway, and continue past Vinnie’s house with Miss Mustard now outboard. Throughout, Mrs Mustard and her daughter are walking at a sedate pace.

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