Blue car, black car, Big Star

Saturday 23 May 2015

I have a dream in which Suburbia Ventosa is at the centre of, or is the source of, the most important aspects of my life.
At breakfast-time I realise that I haven’t seen Mr OS this visit.
At 10:31, as I reverse my car off the Old Man’s driveway, I notice that Mr JG’s car is parked on his driveway with its tail close to the door of his garage — this is most unusual.
I have to take an alternative route home to Suburbia Somnolenta, but I get stuck in a long tailback. To the offside of my car, and then to its front offside, is a black car of the same model as Mrs PP’s car. There is an Asian family in the car, one member of which is an older man who is wearing a turban. He is in the front passenger seat.
As I reach the crossroads in Suburbia Somnolenta, a car that I occasionally see on a driveway near the park, an 03-registration Big Star, approaches the crossroads from my right, and turns left.

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