Message from Naomi

Sunday 6 January 2013

When I arrive at the Old Man’s house, cousin Naomi’s Christmas card is on the hall carpet. She has written a message inside the card.

To the left-hand side of the living-room window of number 35, I see what at first I think are Christmas lights. Eventually I conclude that what I am seeing is the light from a lava-lamp.

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Subdued celebrations in Suburbia Somnolenta

Tuesday 1 January 2013

I hear some fireworks at about 21:00 on New Year’s Eve, but remarkably little celebration thereafter.

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News from two cousins

Sunday 23 December 2012

I phone first cousin Naomi, and then cousin Z.

Naomi reckons that she was at home but asleep when I called to deliver her Christmas card on Friday 21st. Her friend Jen and Jen’s husband Davey have installed some much-needed bookshelves in Naomi’s spare bedroom.

Cousin Z plans to lose some weight in the New Year. She is about 5 foot 4 inches tall, and weighs something approaching 11 stone.
Cousin Z’s partner used to have a little job, which kept him busy after retirement. The organisation he worked for was taken over, and some time later he was informed that his job as car-park attendant “was a luxury we can no longer afford.” He will be looking for another little job.

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Early rain, early collection

Saturday 22 December 2012

It is raining by 04:50.
The black bins are emptied at about 08:20.

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End of a long term

Friday 21 December 2012

When I get up, it has almost certainly stopped raining.
The Honda saloon seen yesterday parks, at 08:29, in the Wormwoods’ usual spot.
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Scarlett scowling in the rain

Thursday 20 December 2012

At 05:12, rain is falling onto puddles in the road.
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Conversation: Scarlett and Max

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Scarlett parks nose-to-sapling a little after 08:35. When the boys have got out onto the pavement, she does some titivation of which Tiny Boy is the main (perhaps the only) recipient. Tiny Boy is wearing a red hat, probably a Santa hat.
They set off for the school, with Scarlett in the lead and Small Boy inboard of Tiny Boy. She is the first of the family into the nursery entrance, even though she walks there from the car, and the boys finish their approach to the nursery entrance at a run. I don’t see any of them on the walkway.
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Ojays on Maldis Street

Tuesday 18 December 2012

At 08:30 the Kulaks’ car has parked alongside number 35, and Al and Myra’s car has parked nose uphill, tail-to-sapling. Mabel Kulak leaves the car’s lights on when she and Master Kulak set off for the school. When the Kulaks’ car departs, a black Escargot takes its place.

I go shopping at AltGroce. The recycling lorry is ascending Victoria Street, obstructing my usual route, so I take a detour via Maldis Street. A little way along Maldis Street, I see the Ojays’ pale blue Escargot, parked with its offside to the left-hand kerb.
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Other Boy in yellow

Monday 17 December 2012

At 08:14 the sun is rising behind the crest of the roof of number 35.
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Cold feet and Christmas lights

Sunday 16 December 2012

Mr Jebec’s elder son walks to his father’s car, dressed in a football shirt, shorts and shinpads. His feet are bare. He looks as though he is trying to minimise contact between the soles of his feet and the paving-stones.

There are non-flashing Christmas lights, green red and purple, in the living-room window of the house below the Kingdoms’ house. After dusk, I glimpse two children or a child and an adult, via the landing window of that house. There are also non-flashing Christmas lights, purple and pink, in one of the windows of number 14, and flashing Christmas lights in Vinnie’s conservatory.

Sometime after 20:00 I notice that it is raining. The evening stays wet.

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