Monday 21 January 2013

Gretchen and Barney, the younger of the Jebec children, are playing in the snow mid-morning. Each has a red plastic sledge. Their school must be closed today.
Later I learn from the Peakville Bugle that Acacia Primary is closed today.

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Short-term memory

Saturday 19 January 2013

When I phone Mr & Mrs GM, to advise them that I shan’t be coming to church on Sunday, Mrs GM answers the phone.
I explain that I don’t want to travel on icy roads, with more snow forecast. Mrs GM seems doubtful that the conditions for travelling will be as bad as all that.
We then speak about another subject.
Finally she asks me whether something has cropped up, to prevent me from travelling. It doesn’t seem that she is trying to catch me out — I think she has simply forgotten the explanation that I have given. Perhaps her short-term memory is deteriorating. I am not sure whether she has reached 70 yet.

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Departure and diagnoses

Thursday 17 January 2013

Another very cold morning. Shortly after 08:00 the Explorer is to be seen on the drive of his family’s house. He is stationary on his microscooter, muffled up in winter clothes. A few minutes later, the Explorer and his father Mr CH (who isn’t wearing gloves) set off from home. They wave to Mrs CH as they leave.

I phone cousin Naomi this evening. She tells me that Henry, the father of her friend Jane, has recently celebrated his 90th birthday. He and his second wife live just down the road from Naomi. His first wife (Jane’s mother) was the best friend of Naomi’s mother, Evelina. She died during cardiac surgery.
Jane herself suffered from bleeding on the brain a few years ago. It has led to dizzy spells, and problems with her memory.
Davey, the husband of Naomi’s friend Jen, now has new health problems in addition to the problem with his hip.
A friend of Jen and Davey has recently died. His GP failed to diagnose a brain tumour, attributing the symptoms to a build-up of ear-wax.

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Making waves

Sunday 13 January 2013

I am talking with Mrs GA, whose daughter Emilia celebrated her first birthday on 4 January 2013. Emilia is playing on the carpet in front of us, with two primary-school girls one of whom is getting around on crutches at the moment, having recently fallen down the stairs. Emilia enjoys playing with the crutches, which are lying on the carpet.
Mr & Mrs GA and I are waving to Emilia. I mention to Mrs GA that when adults wave at children, or are showing children how to wave, they do it in an affected, exaggerated way; and that I have seen parents on the school-run at Acacia Primary wave to each other that way.
“Because they’re so used to it,” concurs Mrs GA, smiling.
Of course, I am thinking particularly of Scarlett, who has waved that way to Max Kulak and IIRC to other people.

[Original posting 13 January 2014]

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Help the ageing

Saturday 12 January 2013

Not long after arriving at Suburbia Somnolenta, I encounter Mr Jebec and wish him a very belated Happy New Year.
Snow is forecast for the coming days. Mr Jebec asks me whether I have plenty of food in stock.
I tell him: “I’m well supplied at the moment.”
His response is: “If you need anything, just ask.”
“Thank you very much,” I reply.

[Original posting 12 January 2014]

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Close shave

Friday 11 January 2013

Partner’s car drives past the Old Man’s house and parks two or three foot beyond Vinnie’s garden-gates. Before he opens the nrd to let Tiny Boy out, with one hand he turns up the collar of his jacket — it must be cold outdoors. When Tiny Boy emerges, he is holding in his right hand something that looks like a toy aeroplane.
Just after 08:50, the maroon Multipla approaches on the wrong side of the road, mounts the pavement — its offside rear wing misses, by not very much, the offside rear corner of Partner’s car — and parks with its tail overlapping Vinnie’s garden-gates by about six inches.
When Partner returns to his car, he seems to take a look at its offside rear wing. Perhaps he has seen the Multipla from afar!
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Frost and vapour

Thursday 10 January 2013

A cold, clear morning. For the first time this visit, I see clouds of water-vapour rising beyond the school-house.
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Mrs Parker?

Wednesday 9 January 2013

At 08:03, the grey Bonsai is parked twelve inches below the stump of the sapling.

After lunch I go shopping at TeraGroce. While I am getting ready to go, Mr CJ is giving Mrs CJ’s car some underbonnet attention.

During the afternoon school-run, a green Escargot passes the Old Man’s house, heading in the direction of Cypress Crescent. Is it Mrs Parker’s car? I don’t remember seeing Mrs Parker, or her car, since the end of the summer term of 2012.

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Excitement… and anxiety?

Tuesday 8 January 2013

When Tiny Boy has crossed the road and reached the far pavement, he turns round to face the car, and does a little dance of excitement, lifting his feet one at a time. His facial expression also indicates pleasure and excitement.
However, Scarlett is very late returing from the school — her car is now in splendid isolation. Perhaps Tiny Boy has had an attack of separation anxiety.

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Absences noted

Monday 7 January 2013

Not long after 08:25 Partner has parked his car, nose uphill, with its tail alongside the junction-box.

During the late morning school-run, I notice that the sapling has been cut down to a stump about eighteen inches high. I have previously suspected that the sapling is dead.

Neither Scarlett nor Partner nor their boys make an appearance in the late morning school-run or afternoon school-run.

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