Christmas essentials

Santa Claus is Coming to Town. One of those essential live performances by the Boss.

Springsteen was once a backing musician for this legendary figure:

[Original posting 11 December 2011]

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Partner in Zero

Friday 7 December 2012

At 07:40 the overnight rain has stopped. It is not nearly as cold as it was yesterday morning.
The time is approaching 08:30 when the grey Okra estate seen yesterday afternoon parks alongside number 35, three-quarters onto the pavement. Mr Fern’s black Honda has, for a while already, been parked with its tail just uphill of the sapling, also three-quarters onto the pavement.
A boy is running in the direction of the school, on the far pavement of Acacia Grove. Then a woman’s voice calls out imperiously: “Walk!” — followed by some other words. The woman comes into view, with a girl at her side, a little way behind the boy.
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Kulak, Compass, Okra

Thursday 6 December 2012

A clear, cold morning. First thing, there is a big MPV (a Volvo?) with frost on its roof, parked to the left of the Old Man’s garden-gate.
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Wormwood, Ojay, Kellner

Wednesday 5 December 2012

The day starts damp. The MPV is still parked alongside the garden-gate of the Old Man’s house.
At 05:44 Mr Trimot’s white Ultra reverses out of the drive. At George Street it turns right.
Around 08:25, the sun is shining onto the corner between the door of my bedroom and the door of the Old Man’s bedroom. A few minutes later, the sun is shining onto the full length of the wire fence above the stone wall of the school.
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Pavane, Fern, Kulak, Oldgreen

Tuesday 4 December 2012

It is a wet morning.

When I return from shopping at AltGroce, I can hear the noise of children in the school playground. Mrs Pavane’s car is parked alongside number 10, with its tail overlapping number 8.
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Happy mother, happy child

Monday 3 December 2012

After a fairly wet night, it is a cool and clear morning. First thing, a security light keeps coming on and going off, at the rear corner of number 8 Cypress Crescent.
Mrs Wheeler’s grey Bonsai drives off from its usual parking-spot, doubles back, and turns right at George Street.
A couple of minutes before 08:00, there is a large mass of dark grey fluffy clouds to the south, their undersides lit salmon-pink by the rising sun.
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Local illuminations

Sunday 2 December 2012

At the Efords’ house, the familiar Christmas lights are on: in the windows of the upper storey, yellow and red lights, plus a sleigh with reindeer; and in the window of the living-room, flashing red and blue and yellow lights.

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Too much too soon, again?

Sunday 25 November 2012

Mrs LT is telling me about how her fourteen-year-old daughter was dressed for a recent night out — her outfit featured high heels, eyelashes you could do a ski-jump down, and lots of make-up. There are several other provocative details.
“She looked outstanding!” enthuses Mrs LT, adding that you could have taken her for a girl in her mid-twenties.
“Outstanding”? I might not have reckoned that to be the mot juste.
It sounds, from what Mrs LT says, as though Mr LT is less enthusiastic about how his daughter was dressed.

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Wet and dry

Friday 23 November 2012

After a wet night, the day starts cold and clear. Then the sun comes out.

Mid-morning I go shopping at TeraGroce.

In the late morning school-run, a grey Okra estate parks alongside Vinnie’s short hedge; and then I see that Partner’s car has parked nose-to-nose with it. Both cars are about half-way onto the pavement.
When Partner returns to his car he is carrying Tiny Boy, against his right front I think, and facing rearwards. Partner is also carrying some A3 artwork which is flapping in the light breeze. He puts Tiny Boy into the car via the driver’s door, then gets in himself.
The grey Okra estate departs a minute or so after Partner has closed the driver’s door of his car; then at 11:35 Partner’s car departs, but it comes to a halt after only a few yards. Partner opens the driver’s door.
Via the gap between the open driver’s door and the A-post, I glimpse Partner and possibly also Tiny Boy, getting back into the car. Soon the car departs again, and passes the Old Man’s house. On the pavement alongside where the driver’s door was during the unscheduled stop, there is a glistening wet patch, broader towards the kerbstone than it is further inboard on the pavement.

In the afternoon school-run, Partner parks first at the kerb alongside the far end of number 35; then when a silver car departs, he takes its place alongside the lower part of the school-house garden. I don’t see him leave his car. When he returns, AFAICS there is only one boy with him — this must be Small Boy. Father and son seem to be having a good-humoured conversation as they approach the car. Both of them get in via the driver’s door; but then Partner goes round the nose of the car to the fpd, opens it, and seems to be arranging something inside. Then he goes back round the nose of the car, and gets behind the wheel. At George Street the car turns left.
At 15:22 or so it has just started raining.
Some minutes later the rain has stopped. Mrs Oldgreen’s car is parked alongside the front lawn of the Old Man’s house, from the right-hand pillar of the garden-gate to the second bay of the garden wall. I see Mrs Oldgreen with the nrd open, but I don’t see her daughter Minnie. The car drives off up Acacia Grove.

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More unidentified passengers

Thursday 22 November 2012

Just before 08:37 I see that Scarlett has parked at the kerb alongside number 33. After she has disappeared through the middle entrance of the school, the Kulaks’ car drives slowly past number 35 and parks nose-to-nose with Scarlett’s car. I wonder whether the tail of the Kulaks’ car is overlapping alongside the drive of number 35. Then a girl gets out of the fpd, and a mother and two children get out of the nrd.
When Scarlett returns to her car and gets in, a man of about 40 gets in via the fpd. Scarlett reverses a yard or so, then drives off past the Old Man’s house.

During the late morning school-run, I see that under her dark jacket Scarlett is wearing a garment of thin material, very light brown in colour; at the small of her back, the garment is fluttering in the wind. When she returns from school with Tiny Boy, she is holding in one hand some A3 artwork, probably two sheets, which is flapping rather than fluttering in the wind. She opens only the driver’s door of the car; Tiny Boy gets in first, and she follows.

Early this afternoon, there is washing on the line in the back garden of the Downhams’ house (the house beyond the GS family’s house), flapping in the wind.

During the school-run, the weather is dry but very windy. Scarlett’s car approaches from the direction of George Street and parks up Acacia Grove. At 15:05 or so, she is on the pavement opposite the Old Man’s house, carrying Tiny Boy against her right front. He is wearing his flecked bobble-hat, and what look like red woolly (?) long socks. A car passes, heading uphill, and it hoots at Scarlett (?); she turns her head and neck to look at it, scowling rather. Then she crosses the road, to between the sapling and the nose of the 12-registration Ultra which is parked six foot downslope of the sapling.
When Scarlett and the boys are returning to their car, passing number 35 (which is where the Wormwoods’ car is parked), Small Boy seems exuberant: facing downhill, he raises both arms above shoulder level. Tiny Boy is on foot; he is wearing his dark anorak, with a crimson top underneath it. His trousers are mainly bright blue, but are crimson below the knees — my eyes must have been deceiving me when I thought he was wearing red socks. It all reminds me of the cowboy outfit that he wore one day earlier this year. Perhaps he has been to a party?
Small Boy runs ahead, and Tiny Boy follows him. Small Boy looks younger than he did when he called out to Sammy on Friday 9 November.
Scarlett’s car is parked part-way onto the pavement alongside the JGs’ house. Scarlett closes the fpd and then the nrd. She goes round the tail of the car to reach the driver’s door.

Rain sets in after 17:00. It becomes less windy this evening.

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