Embarrassing dinosaur

Tuesday 17 March 2015

During the late-morning school-run, Belle and Blanche return from the school. Blanche ascends further than Belle, and passes out of view; Belle must call her back, though I don’t hear her voice; they both cross the road from alongside the Efords’ driveway. Mrs Vest and her son Rufus are approaching the ord of their car. Mrs Vest is carrying a stuffed or inflatable toy: a bipedal dinosaur of the cartoon-Tyrannosaurus type; it is about eigteen inches tall, and is mainly of a greenish colour but the inside of its mouth is yellow IIRC, and its tummy may also be yellow.
Belle passes by, on her way to her silver Escargot. Both women have a laugh about the dinosaur — especially Mrs Vest, who also seems rather embarrassed about having to take the dinosaur home. (Perhaps it is the class mascot? I’ve never seen it before.) Mrs Vest’s face, in front left profile, has reddened a little when she is laughing — and that redness isn’t just her usual makeup.
I think Mrs Vest puts the dinosaur into the car via the ord; no doubt Rufus wants to hold the dinosaur, or at least have it next to him.

After lunch I take some daffodils to the CJs. Mr CJ is in pain after a hernia operation that was performed at midnight[!] — the surgeon was running behind schedule.
At about 13:45 I set off for Suburbia Somnolenta.

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Cheerful shopper

Monday 16 March 2015

A couple of minutes before 09:00, Mrs PP, Mrs Vest and a third woman are chatting by the paved front garden and driveway of the Ports’ house. (I have seen the third woman before. She is wearing a big white knitted bonnet with a bobble on top, and an anorak with a camouflage-like pattern of dark and olive blotches.)
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Mustard and Wobbly

Friday 13 March 2015

It was forecast to be wet overnight. At 05:06 it is still raining.
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Thursday 12 March 2015

In the morning, I drive to Peakville.
Around 13:00, Mrs CM’s car is parked nose uphill at the kerb by the Old Man’s front side lawn, at the mid-point of the wall.
I take in a long, surprisingly lightweight, parcel for Mr & Mrs CJ.
“There’s only the dog in,” says the delivery man.
“He’s very friendly really,” I reply.
I lean the parcel against the wall, by the kitchen doorway.
Later, I take the parcel round to the CJs. I apologise for not bringing any daffodils from the border: “There aren’t enough.” (Only a few are in full bloom.)
Mrs CJ tells me Vinnie “has passed away”. He died in late February or early March.
We discuss Vinnie’s two long-term relationships, and his children. Mrs CJ tells me that when Vinnie’s wife left him, his mother was sitting outside the house, complaining about it all.
Vinnie must have been about 56.
I notice that Mrs CJ has a new car, a Modulo, but we don’t mention it in our conversation.
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No sign of the District Nurse

Sunday 15 February 2015

With the time approaching 08:40, it has become quite misty but the school is visible.
The mist disappears during the morning, and there is some brightness late morning and at about 13:00.
When I depart for Suburbia Somnolenta, I reverse out of the Old Man’s driveway, and park my car alongside numbers 8 and 10. Then I go back to close the gates of the driveway.
This visit there has been no sign of the District Nurse, nor of her Nissan which she used to park by Vinnie’s house. Is Vinnie now somewhat better? — or has he been admitted to hospital?

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Cultural, medical, political

Saturday 14 February 2015

The day starts quite murky. Later this morning it is less murky, and I go for a walk. Mr JG’s van is parked alongside the CJs’ house, on the grass (or mud!) verge. When I pass the Wobblys’ house, a Media is nose-in on the driveway, but there is no sign of Mrs Wobbly’s car.
Two trees on the Village Green are scheduled to be felled. At their base, large twigs are lying, no doubt lopped off when the trees were inspected — or did they fall off in high winds? The trees are 30-40 foot high, and must be decades old. It seems a shame, when neither tree is near any building.
I return to the Old Man’s house at about 10:20. Indoors, I can hear Charlie and (especially) Karl in the CJs’ house.
At 14:00 I go to visit Naomi, returning at about 16:45. We discuss the book Democracy: A Very Short Introduction, the film Dead Of Night (which she found very creepy, but liked), and Tchaikovsky’s string quartet number 2.
Naomi’s eczema is bad at the moment. Dorcas has given her a tub of E45 cream.
Naomi doesn’t think much of Tony Blair as a public speaker, politician or Prime Minister. She used to vote Labour, but now reckons no party or candidate is worth voting for.

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Mystified by Mrs PP

Friday 13 February 2015

At 08:40 approximately, Mrs Pointer’s car is parked in its customary place alongside number 35, and Mrs Vista’s car is parked alongside Vinnie’s short hedge. Miss Vista gets out via the ord; her blonde hair (today it looks straw-blonde rather than honey-blonde) is arranged in rather long side-bunches; she is wearing trousers, and black boots with black fur trim.
Mr & Mrs Wobbly return to their car which is parked alongside the upper part of the school-house garden. Mr Wobbly is carrying Miss Wobbly. He is wearing a black anorak with the hood up. Mrs Wobbly’s anorak is open, revealing a rather deep-blue scarf hanging to the left and the right of her chest. She makes for the driver’s door. Mr Wobbly puts Miss Wobbly into the car, via the nrd; he then gets in via the fpd.
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Blanche Pepper’s tantrum, Thomas Tanbrit’s tears

Thursday 12 February 2015

During the late-morning school-run, I don’t notice that Mrs CM has parked alongside the Old Man’s front side lawn until she returns to the car, alone. She is carrying a water-bottle and a slim, pink-and-blue box with a handle — both items she is holding with her left hand. At a running pace she passes Vinnie’s house (on the roadway, not on the pavement), crosses the street, and reaches the driver’s door of her car. Mrs CM’s hair is brown; it is of neck length, and parted in the centre. Her anorak is open.
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In decline

Wednesday 11 February 2015

It must be about 10:45 when I return from Cheerful Market and pass by Mrs PM’s house. Mrs PM is standing at the kerb, in the company of a man aged 30-plus; they are about to cross the street to the far pavement. Mrs PM looks very arthritic and rather stooped.
Who is the man? He is too young to be her son — but her son’s Merkur saloon is at the kerb on the far side of Acacia Grove, not opposite Mrs PM’s house but a little further along towards the crest. Could the man be a stepson of Mrs PM’s son?

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Fern, Ivory, Vista

Tuesday 10 February 2015

At a couple of minutes past 07:00, I go out to open the drive-gates. Both my car and Mr JG’s van are frozen up. I haven’t seen any of the JGs, but unexpectedly the van’s engine starts. I go indoors to fetch the recycling-crate; when I return, a man in a grey hoodie is spraying de-icer onto the van’s windscreen and front passenger window. It must be Nash — the man is too young and slim to be Mr JG.
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