…or so I thought

Saturday 17 November 2012

This morning, I find that Mr Jebec’s old car has returned to its accustomed spot, and the “replacement car” has vanished.

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Mr Jebec’s replacement car…

Friday 16 November 2012

After he has for some while apparently managed without a car, Mr Jebec is now back on the road. The car he is driving is of the same make as the old one, but is more recent. It is bigger, and so more easily able to accommodate all three of the Jebec children.

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Fireworks in mid-November

Wednesday 14 November 2012

From about 20:30 to 21:00, there is a firework display emanating probably from the garden of a house about a quarter of a mile to the south-west of where I live.

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Small Boy shouts to Sammy

Friday 9 November 2012

Shortly before 08:40, the Wormwoods’ car is parked alongside the drives of the Trimots’ house and the house below. The car moves off once Mrs Wormwood and Miss Wormwood have got out.
Ten minutes later, Partner’s car heads towards George Street, from the direction of Cypress Crescent. At George Street it turns right.
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Mrs Daniels and daughter

Thursday 8 November 2012

The child in the shiny yellow anorak gets out of the fpd of Scarlett’s car. It is definitely a boy: he has blond hair, and he is wearing a small red backpack with upper and lower straps at each side. Tiny Boy and Small Boy get out of the offside rear; Scarlett shoos them across the road (and they run) — but with nothing like the annoyance she evinced towards Tiny Boy on the morning of Tuesday 6 November. Today, I think, she uses one hand rather than both hands. She doesn’t shoo the third boy across. All four of them cross towards the drive of the house above the Efords’, as the Efords’ drive is blocked by a grey Media mk5 which arrived a few minutes ago from the direction of George Street. They descend to the middle entrance; on the way, Small Boy and Tiny Boy encroach a few foot onto the lower part of the school-house garden (below the path), but I don’t think the third boy does that. I see Scarlett in her bobble-hat, and probably the third boy in his yellow anorak, on the walkway.
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Scarlett’s unidentified passengers

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Mrs Wheeler parks her car two or three foot below the sapling, a little over half-way onto the pavement. She walks downslope to the upper entrance of the school, with her daughter Maud who is wearing a crimson anorak. There is no sign of Mrs Wheeler’s son Josh. A few minutes later, Mrs Wheeler and Maud return to the car, which soon departs.
Scarlett’s car parks nearer to the sapling than Mrs Wheeler’s did three-quarters of an hour earlier, but above the sapling rather than below it, and pointing in the opposite direction. Three children get out of the offside rear: Small Boy, then a child in a shiny yellow anorak of rather nautical appearance, and finally Tiny Boy.
The tree alongside number 35 has only half-a-dozen visible leaves, all of them on the upper part of the tree.
I go shopping at AltGroce.
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Fern, Oldgreen, Scarlett

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Mr Fern parks his car alongside Vinnie’s short hedge, with the tail of the car just overlapping the garden-gates. Father and daughter make their way to the school.
Ten minutes later, Tiny Boy gets out of the offside rear of Scarlett’s car, which now is parked alongside Vinnie’s short hedge. On exit, he turns, and begins to head for the kerb — at which point Scarlett stretches out both arms, and gives him a shove between the shoulder-blades. I’m not certain she makes contact with both hands, but certainly she makes contact with at least one hand. She does not look amused! She follows Tiny Boy to the pavement, and when they get there she admonishes him, with some finger-wagging. Scarlett is bending forward in rear right-hand profile towards Tiny Boy; he is standing there, listening calmly, facing her but IIRC neither looking up at her nor looking down to the ground. He isn’t laughing, nor is he shamefaced.
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Deep shadow, green sparks

Monday 5 November 2012

This morning, the low sun casts a deep shadow behind Scarlett’s car, which is parked alongside number 35.

Just before 18:00, and again several minutes later, fireworks are visible beyond the roof of Acacia Primary. Two hours later, fireworks are visible over George Street. At 20:50 or so, three green globules, in turn, shoot up from beyond Vinnie’s house, leaving a long trail of green sparks in their wake.

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Departed old, absent young

Sunday 4 November 2012

When Mrs GM greets me at the door of the church, she tells me that Godfrey has died. Afterwards, I speak with Mr GM about him. He was 93 or 94.
As a teenager, Godfrey visited Nazi Germany, and was so horrified by what he found there that he decided to join the armed forces as soon as possible. He could see that a war was inevitable.
Mrs Scalene is at church, but without her grandchildren — they are at home watching a film. She says that she feels ill-at-ease without them.
I ask Mrs HM whether Mormon missionaries have ever paid her and Mr HM a call, as a follow-up to the HMs’ encounter with the Mormons in Utah. She says that they have; the discussion was interesting, but the two sides “agreed to differ”. The missionaries, whom she describes as “brainwashed”, left her a copy of the Book of Mormon, which she has (somewhat to my surprise — I might have expected her to destroy or recycle it) donated to a charity shop.
At the the Old Man’s house, I hear some fireworks after night falls, but I don’t see any.

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Mr Xerxes and the classified ad

Small children say things that are unintentionally funny, and so do old people. An example is something Mr Xerxes, the Deceased Lady’s father, came out with in the late 1950s or early 1960s. He was reading the classified ads in the back of the local evening paper, and found a car for sale: £300 o.n.o. [= or near offer]. He thought the abbreviation meant “one night only” — so if anyone was interested in buying the car, they would have to act quickly.

[Original posting 2 November 2013]

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