Jessica Charlotte George
2011 — 2018

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Youthful exuberance

Sunday 19 May 2013

Mrs Cash tells me that her younger daughter plans to start at the university of S this autumn. As I inform Mrs Cash, it is the university that Mrs SG’s daughter and Nash have studied at.
On the road into Peakville, a biker passes me — doing a wheelie. Later I’m approaching the filling-station whose petrol prices I’ve blogged about in the past. The same biker exits the near entrance of the filling-station and sets off in the direction from which I’ve come. He is again doing a wheelie.
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Wet homecoming

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Towards 15:40 I see the Explorer and his mother arriving home. They are sheltering under a single large umbrella.

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Absentees and a new arrival

Monday 13 May 2013

Since getting back to Suburbia Somnolenta on Saturday 11 May, I haven’t seen Mr Jebec or his car. For some hours on Saturday, Mrs Jebec’s car is parked in the space that Mr Jebec’s car normally occupies.
At school-run time this morning, the Jebecs’ new cat hides under a parked car and has to be retrieved by Mrs Jebec and Gretchen.

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Another trainee malefactor?

Friday 10 May 2013

At approximately 08:15, the silver Ultra that belongs to the Qual family drives past the Old Man’s house and parks alongside the lower part of the school-house garden, with its nose overlapping the school. Mrs Oldgreen’s car parks by the left-hand side of the the Old Man’s front lawn, with its nose overlapping the pillar of the garden-gate.
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Small sampler

Thursday 9 May 2013

At about 08:30, Esmé’s car is parked nose downhill alongside the Old Man’s front side lawn. Then Mrs Cantor’s car is parked blocking the driveway of the Ports’ house.
Small Boy gets out of Scarlett’s car, which is parked a little downhill of where the sapling used to be. He stands on the pavement near his brother, and seems to be complaining to Scarlett about something. The boys run off towards the school, at about half pace.
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Two sides of parenting

Wednesday 8 May 2013

There has been rain overnight; the day starts cloudy but dry.
Shortly before 07:55 Mrs Wheeler’s car is parked just below the middle of the school-house garden. I can hear raindrops.
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Partner at Acacia Primary?

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Not long after 05:35, a small brown-and-black cat crosses Acacia Grove towards Vinnie’s short hedge. On the far pavement it stays, half-crouching, as though stalking invisible prey.
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Bank Holiday weekend

Saturday 4 May 2013

Mid-morning I go for a walk. When I reach the driveway that leads to the cricket-club, I pause to let a white-haired female dog-walker exit from the driveway. She has five dogs on leads; one of them is a medium-size furry white dog, the others are furry dachshunds. The woman crosses to the left-hand pavement. The dachshunds look so similar to one another that I ask her: “Are they all from the same litter?” She tells me that two of them are from the same litter, and another is their mother. The woman has to lean forward and look at the dogs’ faces to be sure which one is the mother. “I can hardly tell them apart myself,” she comments. The fourth dachshund is “a distant relative”. The woman goes on to tell me that she intended to breed dachshunds but went to Crufts and became disillusioned — so she has kept the two dogs from the same litter.
Some time later on my walk, I look behind me: the woman with the dogs has crossed to the right-hand pavement (the one I am on), and is about fifty yards to the rear of me.
I pass along the southern pavement of George Street, and continue beyond Victoria Street. It occurs to me, for the first time ever, that Scarlett could have bought her car from the car dealership — most of the cars on sale there have a registration more recent than 07, but the car at the far western end, nose out, is an 04.
This afternoon, it is sometimes sunny and sometimes overcast.
At about 17:30 I notice that the buds on the tree in the rockery have almost turned into leaves.

Sunday 5 May 2013

This morning (as I noticed on Friday also) the GS family’s silver estate car is parked alongside their house, nose uphill. At about 10:05 the family are on their back garden. Mr GS is wearing a red top, and Miss GS a red dress that leaves her arms and shoulders bare. Mrs GS is at the bottom of the garden; she is in left rear profile, bent well forward or leaning over something — I can’t see for the fence. She is wearing black trousers of thin material. Has she slimmed off?
Five minutes later, Mr & Mrs CJ are on their back garden, seated on chairs made of shiny metal tubing and black fabric. The chairs, though not the CJs, have been out on the garden for quite a while.
In the afternoon I hear Karl next door, and a little later I see Charlie on the CJs’ back garden. Charlie is talking with someone, but no-one else is visible.

Monday 6 May 2013

Shortly after 08:50 Miss GS is on the family’s back garden, alone AFAICS. She is wearing a light-colour short-sleeve top and green shorts. Immediately to the rear of the house is what may be a framework for playing swingball. Mrs GS makes an appearance some time later, dressed in leopardskin trousers and a dark-pink strappy top. She is doing something with a paddling-pool to the rear of the swingball framework. I realise that she hasn’t slimmed off, or only very slightly. The paddling-pool is mainly dark blue, but the upper surface of its broad rim is pale blue.
There is miscellaneous washing on the CJs’ washing-line, and some small items on the JGs’ washing-line.
Not long before 11:20 a cat crosses the road towards the school, level with the lower entrance, at a fast stealthy walking pace.
Not long after 11:35 Mrs GS and two girls are by the paddling-pool. There is some moderate shrieking.
A little before 14:00 Mrs GS and at least one girl are seated with their backs to the JG/GS fence.
I pay cousin Naomi a visit. She tells me about Davey’s sleep apnoea and memory problems. When in another town, he disappeared, and eventually walked home — a distance of 11 miles. His feet were in a terrible state after that. His other health problems include obesity, type 2 diabetes, angina, and a painful hip.
While we are talking, I mention keeping bread in the freezer, and Naomi dashes off to the kitchen — she has forgotten to take a loaf out of her freezer.
At 18:00, only Mrs GS is on the GS family’s back garden. She is seated, facing the Old Man’s house. An hour and a quarter later, no-one is on the garden, but the paddling-pool is still out.

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Late arrivals and a red holdall

Friday 3 May 2013

The day starts partly cloudy, without sunshine. From 07:35 it is brighter.
At 08:10 approximately, Mrs JG is hanging out her washing. She is wearing a white dressing-gown.
What I think is Mr Fern’s car is parked nose uphill with its tail where the sapling used to be.
Towards 08:30, Mrs Cantor’s car is parked nose uphill alongside the junction-box. Mrs Cantor does not get out for two or three minutes. She walks to the school, with her little boy at her left hand.
Mrs TR ascends past Vinnie’s house, inboard of another woman.
The car that I think is Mr Fern’s car departs up Acacia Grove, and Mrs Cantor’s car departs in the direction of George Street. Then Mrs Oldgreen’s car also departs towards George Street.
Esmé arrives from the direction of Cypress Crescent, and parks alongside the Old Man’s garden-gate and the uphill end of his front lawn.
I see at least two mothers walking away from the school, accompanied by a boy — the second boy, whose hair is blond, is perhaps too young even for Nursery; his gait is slightly off-balance, and he keeps looking about him. But the first boy is clearly of an age for school.
Esmé ascends past the school-house garden, and eventually reaches her car. She is wearing much less make-up than usual.
Partner has arrived very late, at 08:56 or so. He has parked alongside number 35. Small Boy gets out via the fpd, and then Partner ushers Tiny Boy out via the nrd. In his right hand Tiny Boy is holding the handle of a blue satchel — it reminds me of Timmy Time. Does it have a strap?
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Same spot, opposite direction

Thursday 2 May 2013

It is sunny all morning.
The minibus has to park alongside number 6, as there is a grey Rubin parked alongside the Thornboroughs’ house.
Mrs Cantor’s car approaches from the direction of George Street, and parks with its tail alongside the junction-box. When Mrs Cantor gets out, I see she is wearing a dark short-sleeve hip-length top, and dark trousers. At her left hand is a boy in a red polo-shirt or pullover, and grey trousers.
Esmé’s car zooms off past the Old Man’s house.
Not much more than five minutes after it arrived, Mrs Cantor’s car departs. It turns, and heads off in the direction of George Street.
Scarlett drives past the Old Man’s house, ascends what is probably the section of low kerb, and parks alongside number 35. She lets Tiny Boy out via the driver’s door, and follows him round the tail of the car — he stops there, not far from the nrc, and Scarlett bends forward from the waist, to listen to him and I think then say something herself. He doesn’t turn round to face Scarlett. They move on half a step, and then the same thing happens again. After that, they proceed to the pavement.
Small Boy gets lost in the crowd, but I see Scarlett and Tiny Boy enter the school via the middle entrance.
Vanessa, wearing a grey cardigan and medium-blue denims, crosses the road towards the boundary between the Old Man’s house and the CJs’.
When Scarlett returns, she may be on her phone as she passes the lower part of the school-house garden, and she definitely is when she crosses the road from just downhill of the Efords’ driveway.

At 12:42, Mrs FW’s car is parked part-way onto the pavement by the lowest part of the school-house garden, nose uphill. Beyond its tail is a big silver estate car, possibly a Mercedes. Three minutes later, both cars have gone.
From about 13:00 the sun goes in, for the first time today. Shortly after 13:30 it comes out again.

A little before 14:40, Esmé’s car passes the Old Man’s house and parks, at a slight angle, alongside numbers 33 and 31.
At 14:45 the Wormwoods’ car parks with its nose reaching as far as the junction-box. Mrs Wormwood immediately sets off for the school. She is wearing a black short-sleeve top with a multicoloured horizontal band (or is this a garment underneath?) several inches deep at the hem; her trousers or leggings are also black. Mr Wormwood stays in the driving-seat, with his elbow protruding from the driver’s window which is wound all the way down.
It occurs to me that I haven’t seen Mrs Pavane this week.
Before 15:00, clouds obscure the sun.
The Ojays’ car parks with its nose to the tail of the Wormwoods’ car.
A few minutes later, a blonde woman descends past Vinnie’s long hedge, carrying with her right hand a pale-purple microscooter. She crosses to the far pavement, reaching it at a point just uphill of the grass verge alongside the Efords’ house.
Mrs Wormwood has returned with her daughter. By the time the Wormwoods drive off, it is sunny again.
Two minutes later, Scarlett drives past the school, and parks in the same spot where the Wormwoods’ car was parked, but facing in the opposite direction. It is 15:10 when she enters the school via the middle entrance, through which a slit of sunlight is shining onto the pavement, with the shadow of the wall at either side.
The Ojays’ car departs while Scarlett is at the school.
Scarlett and the boys reach their car shortly after 15:15. The car departs, bumping down the kerb, and ascends Acacia Grove.

In the sunshine, I mow all four lawns. It stays sunny until sunset.

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