Recovering from a fall

Sunday 19 August 2012

When I phone cousin Naomi this evening, she tells me that she is recovering from a fall earlier today. The workmen who installed her central heating had to move a lot of items that were in the spare bedroom. They moved them into a bedroom cupboard. Today, Naomi is standing on a step-ladder, looking in that cupboard for some of her CDs. She forgets that she is on the step-ladder, and falls off backwards. She isn’t sure what she bumps her head against — probably the wardrobe. Naomi phones Henry and Dorcas, old family friends who live close by, to tell them what has happened, and they invite her round to their house. They give her paracetamol.
She has decided to go ahead with the repair of her TV, rather than buying a new one which is what a friend (her old friend Jane, the daughter of Henry?) recommends that she should do.

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End of a flying visit

Tuesday 14 August 2012

After breakfast I return to Suburbia Somnolenta.

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Valley Bottom

Monday 13 August 2012

I arrive at cousin Naomi’s house a little before 10:30.
There is a strange smell in Naomi’s house, and it seems to be getting stronger as the weeks go by.
We drive to Valley Bottom, in order to leave her TV for repair. We already know that there will be a £15 charge for the inspection and estimate.
Even more than usual, Naomi seems constantly in a dither.
At Valley Bottom, we park in a side-road. I tell Naomi that I shall go alone to spy out the lie of the land, and ask her whether she will feel safer if I lock the car with her inside. She says yes.
When I get back to the car, Naomi tells me that she has felt claustrophobic and dizzy locked inside.
I suggest that she should set off immediately for the repair-shop, and I shall get the TV out and carry it to the shop. I feel sure that I shall catch her up — and I do.
After we leave the TV for repair, I drive Naomi to Cheapo, where she wants to buy a few small items. She needs to go to the post office also.

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Tired at the end of a relaxing day

Sunday 12 August 2012

I arrive at the Old Man’s house shortly after 20:00.

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Further appointment

Monday 6 August 2012

After breakfast I drive back to Suburbia Somnolenta.
I have arranged with cousin Naomi that I shall help her take her TV in for repair on Monday 13 August.

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Painter, predators, protectors

Sunday 5 August 2012

I mow the back lawn, and then go for coffee at Mr & Mrs CJ’s house.
Mr CJ is at his easel outside the kitchen door, working on an oil-painting.
Mrs CJ tells me how Sarah Goldstein was conned by some Irish cowboy roofers: they told her that they had just cleared out her guttering, demanded £150 for the job, and assured her that her son had given his approval. Afterwards, Sarah phoned her son (Gerry, I suppose, rather than his younger brother Milton), and he was furious.
I hear more anecdotes about the ex-policeman whom Mr & Mrs CJ both know well. When he and his colleagues were on protection duty, the then-well-known politician whom they were protecting used to give them bottles of spirits as presents.
I tell Mr & Mrs CJ about my visit to cousin Naomi yesterday.

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Family photos

Saturday 4 August 2012

That afternoon, I go to cousin Naomi’s house, to do a bit of tree-surgery. Afterwards, we have a long chat and she shows me some old family photos.
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Start of a long weekend

Friday 3 August 2012

After arriving at Peakville, I go for fish and chips at Salty Sally’s. Agnieszka the Polish girl is on duty, apparently alone. I am the only customer in the shop.
Later I mow the front three lawns.

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Disgruntled employee

Wednesday 1 August 2012

As I am passing a hospital today, not far from Suburbia Somnolenta, I see a fortyish woman standing on the pavement outside. She is holding a letter, printed on NHS letterhead, at waist level in front of her, and she is talking on her mobile phone. “Oh, I’m so ffffed up about it!” she exclaims to the person on the other end of the call.
I don’t think she is a patient or the relative of a patient who had just received bad news. More likely she is an office-worker who has discovered that she is to be subjected to some disciplinary procedure, or is to be made redundant.

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The Explorer, the visitors, and the wild frontier

Sunday 29 July 2012

At 10:05, as I am about to drive off, I see the Explorer in front of the door of his home. He is leaning forward, pushing against the door with both hands, as though he has been locked out. He calls out to his mother — I assume that she is indoors. Then he wanders off towards where Mr & Mrs Nearneighbour live; I can’t see him there. I see him return after a few moments, accompanied by his mother. He calls her “Ma Ma”, as though “Mama” were two words.

Mr & Mrs NA and their children arrive late in the church service. They have come from Germany a couple of days ago, they will soon be going to Wimbledon, and in another couple of days they are flying to Barcelona. The children are looking forward to hot weather there.

Mr LT tells me that a mutual acquaintance is moving from England to Midwest City in the USA.

When I return home, the Explorer and his mother are just exiting from their garage. They make their way to their front door, and go indoors.

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